The “Café de l’Europe” has been created by the artist Agnès Winter in Spring 1998 in order to promote a reflection about European cultural identity. Monthly evenings took place from September 1998 to June 1999 at the Ball Bullier, famous Montparnasse cafe: conferences on various European topics such as « Europe under the light of the Renaissance », « Mystics in the Middle Ages », « Thinking Europe », with various lecturers: Yves Hersant, Martine Meheut, Edgar Morin…and many others, music and poetry.

European Café
Brasserie le Bal Bullier – june 1998 | june 1999
Maison de l’Europe – 1999 | 2001
European Musical Nights



Rio de Janeiro

Espace des Blancs Manteaux – October 2, 1999

For the first time in Paris, European embassies and cultural centers have supported and contributed to build up a cultural European project: the first European Musical Night. The European Musical Night, a musical and poetic journey from Homer songs to Contemporary Music, gathered in Paris more than 70 artists, musicians and poets, from 22 different countries. The 10 hours concert was formed by 5 successive parts : “From Homeric to Polyphonic songs, From the Renaissance to the Opera, Nature… and Melancholy, From the Past to the Present”.

Second European Musical Night
Ljubljana Opera House – June 24, 2000

Invited by the Slovenian Ministry for Culture, the artist built a 8 hours concert, recalling the history of the European music, gathered 58 artists from 22 European countries. From January to June 2000, several European Cafes have been organized in Ljubljana. The project received the support of the European embassies and cultural institutes, the City of Ljubljana and several companies as Renault, Citroën, Bank Austria, Leclerc, Intercontinental, Air France, Schneider, Adria, Air West, Bull…

European concert
Cecilia Meireles Hall – October 12, 2003

Gilberto Gil, Minister for the Culture in Brazil, inaugurated the concert in Rio de Janeiro, and sang with the young musicians of the orchestra Villa-Lobinhos. The concert gathered more than 50 artists from European countries and received the support of 14 Embassies and European consulates. It was given for the benefit of the orchestra Villa Lobinhos, project created by the guitarist Turibio Santos, director of Villa-Lobos Museum, to promote classical music in favelas.